Thursday, May 17, 2012

Third Thursday Tools!

You are probably wondering how retail could be a tool?

It is so simple...without our brick-n-morter, internet and conventions
where would we purchase the tools we use daily!

I have overheard many women at conventions speak about retail stores closing.
Why is that? Can the customer base change this?
I think we can!

I challenge you to visit and shop in a brick-n-morter store in your area!

Retail Stores to visit in the Portland Oregon Area
Amazing stores filled with everything anyone could need.
From stamps,markers, inks, paper and tools!

Peddler's Pack - Beaverton, Oregon

Life's a Scrapbook - Sherwood, Oregon

Whimzee's Scrapbook Studio - Beaverton, Oregon

Paper Parachute - Hillsboro, Oregon

Where did all the stamps come from? A retailer!
What if you don't have a retail store in your area?
Internet shopping!

A few of my favorite on-line shopping retailers.

i (heart) papers

Papertrey Ink

Where did the inks and tools come from? Retailers!
Also, there are the papercrafting conventions.
CK Scrapbook Conventions and Scrapbook Expo.

There are many other retailers I stop in when traveling.
Scrappy Craft - Phoenix, Oregon
Stampin' Cat Studio - Salem, Oregon
Archiver's - Boise, Idaho

On my to go visit and shop list:
Impress Rubber Stamps - Seattle, Washington
Rubber Stamp Expo - Spokane, Washington

Share with me your favorite places to shop...
either bricks-n-morter, internet or papercraft convention!


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