Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Word for 2014

As I began thinking of my word for this year I thought about
the words that I have chosen the last three years;

2013 - Dream
2012 - Imagination
2011 - Enjoy

All three years the word has been a perfect fit for that year.

What word would I choose for 2014?

Kindness. Abundance. Home. Discover. Compass.
Believe. Present. Moment. Nourish. Enrich. Blessing.

Kindness is a way of life for me.
Abundance is given to me daily thru love.
Home - a very special place for my family and myself.
Discover our new town of Newberg and the surrounding area.
Compass is the direction that I can take my life.
Believe - I do believe that the feeling Santa provides can happen all year.
Present is to appreciate each moment in each day.
Enrich myself with the people and things I enjoy.
Blessing every day to live this second life I was given.

All of these words would of been special for me.

Then one morning a new word came to me 


unstructured, unplanned, spur-of-the-moment

It is very important to me to have everything done.
I make lists for everything.
Somewhat type A personality.

Now, I realize that you can not be spontaneous every moment.
Work still has to be completed and appointments honored.

In my free time I am going to be more spontaneous!

Decide those mornings when I wake up what I would like to do that day. 
 Something that would be fun and exciting!
Not plan my free time in advance!

My first spontaneous thing I am going to do is celebrate the
Third Anniversary of my blog, yes today!

Happy Anniversary to bouquets northwest!

I hope that all of my blog readers create 
Spontaneity in your lives!

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  1. Good word, Elaine! Enjoy the freedom of spontaneity. I have so much structure in my life because of the job and getting chores and errands done in between, but do allow for some spontaneous free time. I'm a list maker, too. Got to keep some focus during bouts of spontaneity. Happy new year!