Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Yes, Christmas Tags!

What do you do with all of those tiny little 
stamps in the sets that we all have?

My answers - Tags!!!
Christmas Tags!

My niece Kate once made a scroll for 
each family member as our Christmas gift.

Ten Things I like about Aunt Elaine...

Number Seven read -
She always had the perfect present, in the perfect wrapping paper.

This has always been important to me...
presenting gifts beautifully wrapped!

Every November my sister Lori and myself
plan a day and shop for Christmas Paper and Ribbons.

I choose paper for the person that is receiving the present.

For three years I have been creating
Christmas Tags that coordinate to 
the wrapped package.

One of my favorites was the new baby tag!
In 2017 we are celebrating the birth
of three (3) babies to join our family!

My friend Janet gave me the sweet
little decorated person
made from clay.

This little person went on all the Children's packages.

For 2016 Christmas Tags 
I went back to the what I first loved about papercrafting.


The stamps were used from many companies...

As you can see I have many Christmas Stamps
I did not have the time to color.

During this year I am going to make time each month
to craft and color Christmas Cards.

Which gives me the time to think about what
Christmas means to me...
sharing, kindness and being thoughtful!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Art of Display

Many years ago my career was in retail.
One of the favorite positions I held was an

Special Event Coordinator

I worked with our display team
It was such fun to plan our events and tie together the display.
From choosing the color scheme, tablescaping,
 floral arrangements and painted murals.
I loved that part of my retail career with Nordstrom!

Now that we are in our forever home
my roots took me back to

The Art of Display!!!

There is a wall that just spoke to me!
So... I created my Craft Display Wall!

First display is focused on what we have had inches of this winter

The Christmas Blueprint Stamp from
Tim Holtz with Stampers Anonymous was perfect!

The 2017 Calendar I found at Paper Source!
Every month I will chose a stamp that
is appropriate for that month.

I have circled the Special Birthdays...
as a reminder for me.

The Frames and Display Boxes are from
Two of my favorite retail stores!

The Christmas Blueprints were perfect
since we looked at blueprints many times
while building our new home!

Patterned Craft Paper and Embossing Folder
were both from Carta Bella - Snow Fun by Steven Duncan!

Let it Snow!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Word for 2017!

Happy Anniversary

bouquets northwest - 7 years!!!

For the past 6 years I have chosen
one key word for an entire Year!
12 Months!
365 days!

Let's start by reviewing my past words -

2016 - Traditions
2015 - Nourish
2014 - Spontaneity
2013 - Dream
2012 - Imagination
2011 - Enjoy

Now...words that have a special meaning for myself

Kindness, Blessing, Abundance, Home,
 Discover, Compass, Believe, Present, Moment, Enrich, Significant
Out of all the words listed above one just feels right...

 Word for 2017!

There was a sentence I read the confirmed my choice
“Excellence is a combination of passion and focus. When you have passion for what you are doing and get your focus in the right place, everything else will follow. Embrace the moment.”
—  Terry Orlick

 I will take my passions and focus
embrace the moment whether they are -
magical moment
 quite moment
exciting moment
 special moment

Let me share a quite moment I had last week...
Portland Oregon had a deep snowstorm last week.
I woke up very early in the morning 
looked out the window and watched it snow...
so peaceful and beautiful on the evergreen trees in the golf course.
It was a quite moment just for myself!

As I begin the seventh year of 
bouquets northwest
Moments will be shared with you thru out the year!