Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Autumn Leaves!

Simply...Thank you for Autumn Leaves!

I love the leaves on the trees when Autumn arrives.
This year it has been beautiful and later in the year!
One of my favorite trees is just beginning to turn from green to golds and reds.

The shades of red were very vibrant!
Now, the leaves are falling and it it time to rake!

Enjoy Autumn Leaves!


  1. We finally have a tree in our back yard that turns those beautiful red and russet colors. Nature doesn't provide much in the way of bright fall colors directly on the coast so we have to bring it in ourselves. Your photos are beautiful!

  2. I've had sooo much fun checking out your blog, my friend. These are such beautiful photos and your Copic coloring on your other posts is awesome! I'm honored to have met you at Mementos in Yuma. Thanks for bringing in that paper, too- you're so thoughtful and sweet! I can't wait to give it a try. Sending hugs and warm AZ sunshine your way!

  3. Thank you, Leslie! I love the red and russet colors of Fall. Growing up in Colorado we had the gold color in the Aspen Trees which are beautiful in the mountains!

  4. JIll, I enjoyed visiting with you at Mementos! Thank you for your comments!
    Look forward to seeing you again!