Thursday, March 15, 2012

Third Thursday Tools!

Blending Pens/Brushes!

Several days I go I just sat down and colored.
Colored with my Copic Sketch Markers, Watercolor Pencils and even tried chalk.
As I was coloring I thought what would I do without the blending pens.

Please read a little about the Blending Pens:

Copic Colorless Blender - The Colorless Blender in not an eraser, it pushes the ink. If you color outside the line you might be able to correct... push the stray ink color back inside the lines of the image. I find that it works really well depending on the shade and specific color of the ink. You can also add texture you image with this blender pen. It is refillable. One of my favorite tools!

Stampin Up! - Blender Pens - This blender pen I use with my watercolor pencils. Once I place the color on my image I use this tool to create a beautiful watercolor effect. The tip cleans simply by a couple of strokes on scratch paper. I would really like to know more about how this blender pen works - is it the tip or a liquid inside that allows you to blend? If you know please comment!

Koi Water Brush - This Water Brush has two ends. One with a brush tip (I have the small tip) and the other end holds a small amount of water. This allows water to go directly to the tip. The tip on this water brush has a fine point which I really like. I use this pen with water-based markers, water pencils and perfect pearls.

Dove Brushes Pen - This blender pen is on my favorite tool list! I can use this pen with dye and pigment ink pads, watercolor  pencils, water based markers and chalk. The color blend pens gives my the ability to lighten or intensify color. To clean between different colors rub the tip on scratch paper until it is clear. This pen is also refillable.

One other Blender Pen that I have on order is from Ranger Products the
 Tim Holtz Water Brush.
It should be fun to compare this brush to the other Blender Brush/Pens.

What are your favorite blender pens and brushes?
What form of color do you use - inks, paints, pencils?


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