Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dream Home!

For years Ed, my husband and myself have been envisioning our Dream Home!

On our road trips we would talk about our dream house while 
we were driving in different parts of the United States.

First thought - where?

We thought where would we like to live and retire in 10 years?
Would we want to move to a warmer climate, perhaps in the desert - 
 Las Vegas, Nevada or Palm Springs, California?
Perhaps a mountain location - Bend, Oregon or Denver, Colorado?
Perhaps a historic town in Southern Oregon - Jacksonville, Oregon?
Or along a golf course in Charbonneau in Wilsonville, Oregon?

Ed and I visited all of the areas many times the last 3 years.
We would drive neighborhoods and tour homes.

On our last "road trip" we realized that there is
No Place like Home!
Where we have built our lives in the beautiful Northwest!
Most importantly being close to our family!

Second thought - what type of home?

We knew we wanted primarily a one - story home.
Perhaps one with a Red Barn and a little land.
A home in the wine country.
Perhaps we will build our dream home.

So... our dreams have come true - 
Welcome to our new home!

Lot # 10 in The Stables at Coyote Run!
Located between the towns of Newberg and Dundee in Oregon.

Our one-story home with a little land will begin next week!
Along with our dream home I can plant cutting gardens for floral bouquets.
Maybe a few rows of Pinot Gris or Pinot Noir to play with in the Autumn.
And yes... there will be a pole barn for Ed! Of course in a shade of Red!

It is very exciting to begin the process of building your new home.

There is so much to packing!
I have begun to pack items that you don't use everyday.
(Although I wish I would of not packed the serving bowls and platters!)

Tencha sharing her garage with us for storage! Thank you!

The hardest to pack were items for paper crafting.
Although I did not pack everything!
I am missing coloring and creating cards.
In the next few weeks I am going to take some time and color!

I have begun planning my Craft Coloring Room!
In future blogs I will share some ideas with you.

Now, I better get back to preparing our current home for Sale!


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