Friday, January 6, 2012


Happy New Year! Happy 1st Anniversary of the bouquets northwest blog! 

On January 6th, 2011, I wrote:
One of my passions on my bucket list is bouquets northwest. My small company that celebrates what I enjoy. This is the year for growth and time to execute my vision and passion. I hope you will join me as I explore this path.Now, it is time that I share with you my papercrafting and floral designs. And a little bit about Oregon Wines!

I enjoyed looking back on the first year of writing and sharing with you my passions. 

Several weeks ago I was thinking of what "word" would be my focus for 2012.
 A wonderful friend gave me a card that read;

In my dream,
 the angel shrugged & said, 
if we fail this time, 
it will be a failure of imagination
then she placed the word gently
 in the palm of my hand.

Once I read this card it was clear what my word would be for 2012 - Imagination!  
Imagine how you could grow, learn, share, give, receive, experience! 

Imagine coloring the Winter Bouquet using different color tones.
I will continue to share papercrafting and floral design with you. And I will add some insight into the Art of Oregon Wines!


Cardstock - Flourishes Classic White
Ink - Adirondack Espresso
Stamp - Flourishes Winter Bouquet
Coloring - Many shades of Copic Sketch Markers


  1. Beautifully colored bouquet! There is a lot of detail in this image and the color tones you chose brought them out very nicely. You've selected the ideal word for a crafter and a lover of beauty. Imagine the possibilities! Happy new year!

  2. You are correct, Leslie. Imagine the possibilities! Happy New Year!