Thursday, January 19, 2012

Third Thursday Tools!


In January each year I re-organize and clean every inch of our home.
This habit started when I was a Nordstrom employee. 
Every January was Inventory.
Which means counting all the merchandise in each store.
We sorted, organized and cleaned in preparation for inventory.

It is time for inventory!
Several months ago I purchased 
 Stockholm Office Storage Boxes
and magazine files
from the Container Store
I wanted to test this idea.

The 12 colorful Storage boxes are sorted by categories.
Example: My bright pink box has Spring/Summer Holiday stamps.

All the Storage Boxes are labeled!
Example: Spring Flowers, Christmas, Birthday.

Cardstock is stored in Stockholm Magazine Files!
Each file has a color family!

One of the reasons I choose this storage solution is I can always
 add one (maybe 2 or 3) more storage boxes and files!
Shopping can continue!

Next, ribbon racks! How should I store my ribbons? Any ideas?


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