Monday, October 17, 2016

New Home - New Room

New Home equals New Craft Room
or what I am calling it...

Craft Coloring Studio!

The window brings in natural light! Which I love!
Of course the photo above was in the construction phase...
which is how I am now feeling.

We have been in our home for 3 months
I am almost to the end of unpacking and organizing.

A few more Craft boxes to open...
which feels like a early Christmas each time I open a box!

As I have been unpacking, organizing and re-organzing
I have begin to design my Craft Coloring Studio.

Tables, chairs, computers and cabinets to arrange 
and re-arrange at least a few times.

I now have the furniture set
which feels very comfortable.

Of course there will be table in front of the window!
(After we finish re-staining the top of the table)

What I am really enjoying is happening thru the closet doors

Pre-finishing with trim and hardware
In this closet will be my coloring and paper crafting supplies...

Copic Markers, Watercolors, Inks,  Pencils, Paper and Tools!
almost every thing I need to craft cards! 

Want to see what is in the closet?
Here is s sneak peek!

Check back soon for the photos of the
Craft Coloring Studio!

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