Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Pretty Good Things!

Yes, I am back!
Back to my favorite things - pretty good things!

Floral Gardening
Wine Tasting
and yes golfing!

Over 1500 folks have linked on
 bouquets northwest
during the year 2016! 

Thank you!

You are probably wondering where I have been?

Built a new Home! Yes we moved!

Traded the tractor for a golf cart!
Yes, we moved on a golf course!

It took 8 months...
Selling a home (in 48 hours)
Renting a home to live in for a short while
Building a home with a wonderful builder
Moving into our home!

You can have two dream homes!

Yes, I have colored on the patio!
Also, a great view as I am paper crafting!
So very happy to have all my paper crafting
 supplies in the Craft Coloring Studio!
I missed coloring!

Between moving and building our new home 
I spent most of my time with my team
creating a amazing a department 

Creative Living

Yes at the Oregon State Fair!
Which includes Paper crafting!

Joy teaching our Fair Guests how to paper craft!

We are already planning the 2017 Creative Living Department!
If you live in Oregon - start crafting!

Think ahead - start stamping, die cutting and coloring!

Autumn arrives tomorrow!

Fall Leaves
Apple Cider
of and wine tasting!

I am researching recipes while sipping a glass of Pinot Gris!
Of course from the Willamette Valley Wine Region!
Where our new home is!

Now... golfing!

Got Clubs!
 Got Golf Apparel!
 Got Golf Course!

Confession time!
I can only hit the ball 30 yards - yikes!
 Practice, Practice, Practice!

Exactly what I do when I am coloring
to gain a new skill!

This Autumn - I want to master Watercoloring!

Better get practicing!

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