Thursday, September 20, 2012

Third Thursday Tools

Road Trip Supplies!

My husband, Ed and I are venturing out on a road trip.
I thought do I want to take any papercrafting supplies with me?
The answer of course is, Yes!

First item on the list - Copic Sketch Markers!
How do I travel with all of my markers?
With my Copic 72 piece Wallet.

This month's Third Thursday Tool!

When I received this Copic Wallet the question was - 
Will I really use it? How can I narrow down from using all of my markers?

So... I sat down with all my sketch markers and created color charts.
Color charts using my personal color palates.

Color Palate Charts I created are
Color Wheel Basic, Spring, Summer and Fall.
Each Color Palate Chart has 72 colors selected.
Same number of slots the Copic Wallet has to hold the markers.

Above is the photo from my Color Wheel Basic and Spring color palate.

Now, the Copic Wallet is empty.
I will fill it with Color Wheel Basic and Fall color palate.

Then I will be ready to go...Vroom!


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