Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Special Day for Fathers

Happy Father's Day!
For my husband, Ed!

Smallest Park in America - Portland Oregon
One of the greatest, compassionate,
 patient, loving and caring Father's!
Ed understands more deeply what his children
 are experiencing as they are raising their children.
Brenda and Brad you are very blessed to be able to call him, Dad!

In Honor of my Dad, Henry 

 My Dad passed away over 20 years ago.
It is said that the pain turns into very special memories.
For me this is true as I have very special memories.

Dad use to say "no monkey business" to his Grandchildren.
Then I was sent this rose which in called - Monkey Business!
This rosebush usually bloom around Memorial Day,
this year all the buds opened on Father's Day.

For Kate and Bradley, his Grandchildren!
My Dad and Grandpa is a Angel touching our lives.

My wish is that every Father has a very special day with their children!



  1. Two very special men worth honoring and celebrating. Amazing that the roses opened on Father's Day. Very special, indeed!

  2. It was very special. I am blessed to have these two men in my life!