Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Glitter! Glitter! Glitter!

What child does not like Glitter ( or adult)?

We celebrated Flamingo Friday! A special day with our Grandchildren! 
We had a great time making  Artist Trading Cards with Glitter!

Sling Ball is set up in the background - love this game for any age!

When I asked Daphne and Andrew what they think of when they think of Glitter the answers - Stars, Unicorns, Cheerleaders and Martha Stewart! Our favorite Glitter! 

A few of the Artist Trading Cards!

Very sparkly paper from Doodlebug Design Inc.

Finding what Glitters at OMSI - Water was what Glittered! 
I thought it would of been the exhibition of  the history of Video Games -  Video 2.0 
Only played for 20 minutes (to my surprise) reason I heard - too outdated.
And Voo Doo Donuts! The donut shop in Portland, Oregon!

A bonus card designed by Daphne!

Crafting with children and grandchildren is very special time for all of us!


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