Sunday, June 30, 2013

Back to the Blog!

May I just share with you how much I missed Blogging!
Quite surprising to say.

Some people write in journals... 
I prefer to blog!

In February I shared with you about our Dream Home!
Which is such a joy to be building!

One of the important rooms in our home is where I will color.

Originally I wanted a Craft Coloring Barn.
Then I thought about it for awhile...
and decided on a Potting Shed.
(More about the Potting Shed in the future).

Now, I am sharing my future Craft Coloring Loft!

 My new neighbor Debbie shared with me how beautiful sunrises are.
So... I got my coffee and my favorite Rose chair and drove to our new home.
Sat at my window in my new Craft Coloring Loft!
One word....beautiful!

Now, the CCL!

The Craft Coloring Loft is 13 X 21 feet!

One place to color!
With all my craft tools and supplies in one room!

One of the benefits of building... lighting!
8 can lights - all will have natural light bulbs
for those grey days in Oregon!

Choose not put up a wall at the end of the staircase.
It gives the room a open feeling.
Tomorrow I choose the stair railing.

Next, insulation and walls!


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