Monday, March 18, 2013

Be Happy!

I had the privilege of being a guest at a very special tea.
For Tencha who celebrated her 90th Birthday!
Yes, 90 years of life!

Her secret to long life - three things we can all do!

Banner that Lori and I crafted for the Tea!
Tencha shares with everyone that she meets Be Happy!

Ladies at the tea!
Guys before heading to a brew pub!
  Tencha shares with everyone that she meets Be Positive!
Which you can not be when you are with Tencha!

Judy and her Aunt Tencha
Tencha shares with everyone that she meets Be Faithful!

Judy was one of the ladies that spoke about what Tencha represents to them.
Nobody could of said it better.

She sees God everywhere. For most of us, seeing God
 in “Big Things” of life is easy.
 The challenge is (and rewarding us daily) is seeing God
 in everyday mundane activities, “Small Stuff”.
  Aunt Tencha has a HUGE God Consciousness in each of her days.
 Where she is, so is HE.

I thought about a possible “Small Stuff” list for her:
*greets the morning, thanking God
*displays what she believes by how she behaves
*goes through her day looking for opportunities too good to miss
*she’s teachable
*she keeps a sharpened, keen wit AND a discriminating tongue
*she refuses to be lazy
*she radiates her mantra – “I am so Happy!”

Be Happy! Be Positive! Be Faithful!

- Elaine

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