Friday, October 26, 2012

4523 Miles and 10 States!

Traveled 10 States, 4523 miles all in the Abarth!

My Husband, Ed and I went on a very special road trip!

1).  Visiting with my best friends in Denver, Colorado -
Kim, Rosanna, Flo and Randy! Also, Gail and Cassie!

2). Seeing that my childhood home in Denver is still nice!

3). Dallas, Texas - City that started my Fashion career.
Having brunch with the Dallas Fashion Ladies -
Mary Sue, Cindy and Jolene!
(More on these woman in next blog)

4). Visiting the John F. Kennedy Memorial.
It gave me a greater perspective on the President's life and history.

5). The Dallas Arboretum - amazing garden!
Ed and I were so surprised at the pumpkins in the gardens!

6). Also, in the Dallas Arboretum the amazing glass artistry of Dale Chiluly.
Simply takes your breath away!
 Such inspiration using colored glass!
(Future blog)

7). Okay, I admit it I am a fan of the television show Dallas!

Yes, we went to Southfork!  
Missed the new season of filming by one day!

8). Santa Fe, New Mexico
Beautiful architecture and spirit!

"Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha"
Honored for  embracing Kindness,  Forgiveness, Love,
Compassion and Joyful of Peace.

9).  Georgia O'Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe, New Mexico
Words can not express her talents for painting and her love of New Mexico!

10). Las Vegas, Nevada
Visting our friends Jim and Renee! Also, Potter and Toby!

11). Food and Wine!
Great steak at Red Rock Canyon Grill in Wichita, KS
Tex-Mex at Gloria's and Southern Style Barbecue at Smoke in Dallas, TX
Fried Chicken at Babe's in Fort Worth. TX
Fabulous margaritas at Agave Lounge in Santa Fe, NM
Grilled Barbecue at Cruisers on Route 66 in Williams, AZ

12). One of the best Birthday's I have had!
Early BIrthday cake at Flo and Randy's!
Wonderful gift, dinner and a very special day from my husband Ed!
Also, a scavenger hunt from Kate and Per to Central Market!

One of the best days were in Ft. Worth!
A day at the Texas Motor Speedway for owners of the Abarth by Fiat!
(the reason for this 3-week road-trip)

Ready, Set, GO!
Ed racing!

Ed getting ready to go on the track!
Ed racing on the track in the Abarth!

It was such fun to watch Ed race around the track!
Also, meeting Lisa!

This "road trip" was one of our "pretty good" trips!

Hope that y'all get the chance to take a road trip -sightsee and explore!
Even if it is a day trip!

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